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You may not realize it, but your eyebrows play an important role and part in your overall appearance. Your face and eyes are what people notice first when meeting and interacting with you. Make sure you feel confident and look great by waxing your eyebrows regularly.

Are you in need of professional eyebrow waxing services in Albuquerque? Then look no further because Casa Verde Salon is here to help.

Get in touch today to schedule an appointment for eyebrow waxing services in Albuquerque so you can look and feel your best.


Eyebrow Waxing   Services  Albuquerque

We are happy to provide eyebrow waxing as well as other spa services in Albuquerque so you can pamper yourself. After a professional eyebrow wax your eyes and face will look refreshed and will be all clear of any flyaway or overgrown hairs.


Our eyebrow waxing service options are as follows:


  • Level II $29.50

  • Level I $24.50


Each client we work with will receive a personalized experience and treatment. We tailor all of

our spa services to you and to your liking and individual requirements.  Eyebrow waxing is not just about removing the hair it is also about the shape so we will also analyze shape and see if there are any recommendations for current trends and face shape.

Reasons to Use Professional Eyebrow Waxing Services

You may have overlooked your eyebrows previously as part of your beauty routine and appearance upkeep. However, you’re making a big mistake if you do. Eyebrow waxing is an essential practice to maintain and keep up with if you want to improve your appearance and feel more confident in your skin.

There are several good reasons to use professional eyebrow waxing services instead of skipping it altogether or trying to do it yourself. For example, our team of specialists is trained and qualified to give your eyebrows an excellent and attractive shape. Using professional eyebrow waxing services will not only keep the hair from growing back longer but when it does the eyebrow hair will grow back a bit softer.

Waxing your eyebrows will provide a more controlled regrowth process as well as help accentuate your eyes. This spa service that we offer is a comfortable and fast treatment that we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with when the process is complete. Your eyebrows will be the perfect shape and you won’t risk redness, burns, or hurting yourself by trying to perform this task on your own at home.


How We Can Help

The good news is that here at Casa Verde Salon we can help. We are beauty and stylist experts that provide a variety of spa services including professional eyebrow waxing. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have at the time of your service.


Our salon offers wellness tools and spa services to ensure you feel rejuvenated and can love the skin you’re in so you exude nothing but confidence and happiness. Our promise to you at Casa Verde is to provide a healthy, welcoming, and family environment where you instantly feel relaxed and at ease.


You’ll be in good hands, as we are committed to supporting our team in reaching their full potential through education and training. Our specialists are well-prepared and ready to serve you and ensure you walk away feeling great and with a smile on your face.

We have all you require to boost your total wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Bring your worries and stress to our spa and leave feeling re-energized and ready to tackle the rest of your day.


Why Choose Us for FacialsEyebrow Waxing in Albuquerque


We know that you have different options when searching for and selecting a salon or spa to perform your eyebrow waxing in Albuquerque. However, there are some benefits to scheduling your service with our team. We take into account each guest’s unique needs and skin conditions as well as are always committed to offering excellent customer service.



You’re going to feel right at home once you enter our comfortable and relaxing salon environment. You’ll enjoy working with our team of licensed specialists at Casa Verde Salon as everyone you encounter is professional, friendly, and, most importantly, talented. We’ll do all we can to make sure you feel relaxed and enjoy your experience at our salon.

 an Appointment

Are you looking for professional eyebrow waxing services you can count on to get you the look and shape you desire? Then we encourage you to contact our team at Casa Verde Salon right away to schedule an appointment for eyebrow waxing services.

Have questions or want to learn more about our other services? Then please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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