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There’s nothing like a Brazilian wax to make you feel your best. Whether you’re planning a
sun-filled beach vacation or if you would like to incorporate this into your personal care routine, our Brazilian waxing team is on hand to give you a waxing experience that’s second to none.

Casa Verde has developed a reputation for delivering the highest-quality customer service in
Albuquerque. Your treatment will take place in the privacy and comfort of our waxing boutique,
which has been designed as a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We use a serum to protect the skin during the service and make sure to take small sections to make
this service as comfortable as possible. We are not here to tell you waxing is going to be a spa
service however we do not forget we are treating sensitive skin and will perform the service with that
in mind. Because of the way our hair cycles work - your first service will be the most uncomfortable
however it should never be so painful you would not want to do it again. Your Maintenance
appointments will only have one cycle of hair and will be drastically different than your first service
so make sure to commit to at least three services before you decide if waxing is for you.


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Get A Smooth

Brazilian waxing is a highly effective treatment method that’ll help to say goodbye to pesky,unwanted hair, and hello to a new confident you. Originating in New York City in the late 1980s,it has become the go-to hair removal method for women who want to remove all or most of their
hair in their pubic region. The process involves using wax to remove the pubic hair from all sides.

A safe and fast procedure, Brazilian waxing can give you the confidence to step out in more daring clothing and make you feel your sexiest best. Our team is specially trained to perform the treatment in a manner that is as comfortable as possible and which will give you unbeatable results.

Benefits to Getting A
Brazilian Wax

Some people prefer to go au naturel. But not many. For the majority of us, hair in the pubic region is bothersome and unwanted. Brazilian waxing allows you to get rid of that unwelcome hair in a sanitary and effective manner.

And there are a number of short- and long-term benefits to doing so.

For one thing, waxing can be less irritable than regular shaving, which is likely to cause bumps, rashes, and ingrown hairs.

The effects of Brazilian waxing are also long-lasting. With shaving, you’re just cutting the hair shorter. With wax, the hair is pulled out by the hair follicle, which means it takes longer to come back. If you’ve got a vacation planned and don’t want to spend your time shaving when you could be by the pool, then getting a Brazilian wax is a no-brainer.

With this being said if you are a long-term shaver as we discussed above of the hair cycles the first wax is typically not 100% clean and it takes about three waxing services to really see how awesome waxing is so we do not want people to try this right before vacation wedding etc. ideally you will start 3 months before for best results.

And if you’ve decided that you’d prefer to permanently reduce the amount of hair in your pubic region, then there’s some good news — studies have shown that repeated Brazilian wax treatments can cause hair to grow back thinner and softer. That means that future waxing treatments will be quicker, and less uncomfortable.



Eager to get into our salon to get your treatment? You can help to make the appointment run
more smoothly by taking the following steps.

 ● Trim your pubic hair with scissors so that the hair is between one-half to three-quarters
    of an inch long. Ideally about 3 weeks of growth.
● Taking ibuprofen thirty minutes before your appointment can prevent pain.

And finally: pick out some great post-wax outfits because you’ll be very ready to show off your
body in all its glory once the treatment is over.




Preparing For YourBrazilian Wax


Because we have exfoliated and opened hair follicles on the day of the service:
  ● do not soak in a bath or hot tub for 24 hours
  ● No exfoliating for the first three days then exfoliate and moisturize with our scrub and polish
that is specifically formulated for the area in up and down motions.




Care After a Waxing Treatment:

Working with the best

Wax Removal

Not all Brazilian wax treatments are created equal. To have a comfortable and enjoyable experience, it’s important that you work with a salon that puts the happiness of its customers above everything else. Here at Casa Verde, we take the time to ensure all our clients are happy with the service they receive from the first moment they walk through the door.

Give Yourself a Self-Care Moment

We spend our lives doing things that we have to do. You deserve to treat yourself to something
that you want to do. A Brazilian wax treatment can form part of your all-around self-care
wellness plan. We’re not saying that Brazilian waxing will revolutionize your life, but it will help to
give you the confidence to wear your beautiful skirts, dresses, and bikinis in all their glory.


Contact Casa Verde Today

Ready to begin your journey towards smoother, sexier skin? Then be sure to make an
appointment with our team at Casa Verde. Our experienced, expert beauticians offer the
highest-quality service in Albuquerque and are ready to help you to have a comfortable Brazilian
wax experience that leaves you with the results you’ve been dreaming of.

To make an appointment, simply give us a call at 505-881-0464 or click the ‘Book Now’ to make
a reservation online.

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